500,000 downloads for a fake application Pokemon Go which takes control of Android phones


Kaspersky Lab have discovered a new malicious application in Google Play, Guide for Pokemon Go, able to obtain access rights on smartphones with Android and then install/uninstall applications and display unsolicited advertising. The application has been downloaded over 500,000 times, with at least 6,000 successful infection. Kaspersky Lab announced Google about the presence of this Trojan, and the application was removed from Google Play. Many users use pokemon go cheats for to impress other gamers.


Pokemon Go global phenomenon spied a growing number of related applications and inevitable an interest as high in the community of cybercriminals. Kaspersky Lab analysis of the Trojan “Guide for Pokemon Go” revealed a malicious code that manages to gain administrator access to the Android operating system to install and uninstall other applications, and for displaying ads.

The Trojan has some interesting features which help may not be detected. For example, do not start to act the victim immediately install and open the applications. Instead, waiting for the user to install or uninstall another application and then verify the application is working on a real device or a virtual one.

If it has to do with a real device, Trojan wait another two hours before he start work. None at the moment is not certain that the infection occurred. After connecting to the server’s command and control and upload their information about the infected device: model, country of origin, language and OS version, the Trojan waits for an answer.

Only when receiving the response will continue with other applications and downloading, installing and implementing additional malicious modules. Those steps mean that control server can stop and attack if he wants – can avoid users who are considered or suspected that have a virtual device, for example.

Such malware has additional protection. After receiving the administrator eights, the Trojan will install modules in the device’s file system, installing and uninstalling other applications in secret and displaying unsolicited advertisements.  Kaspersky Lab analysis shows that at least one other version of Pokemon Guide was available in Google Play in July 2016.

In addition, researchers found infected with the same nine other applications available in Google Play with the same Trojan in different times, starting with December 2015. From Kaspersky Lab information, it appears that more than 6,000 infections have been succesfull so far, counting among countries are Russia, India and Indonesia.

The application is designed for English speaking users, it is possible that other people have been affected.

In the online environment, wherever are a large number of users, will come soon and cybercriminals.  Pokemon Go is no exception, victims might not notice Trojan obtrusive advertising, at least initially, but long – term implications could be more serious. If you are one of victims, then another person is inside your phone, control the operating system and everything you have in your device. Even if the application is no longer in stores, hold a million people are vulnerable – and we hope that this announcement would put them on guard, to take action.

Users who suspect may be affected by this Trojan, should install a security solution, such as Kaspersky Internet Security for Android on their device. If, after scanning, it will result that the device has been infected, the best way to remove malware that has administrator rights is to backup the data and bring the device to factory settings. In addition, Kaspersky Lab recommends that users always check the applications you install were created by a developer known to keep your operating system and software applications updated and do not download anything that looks suspicious or out of source which can not be verified. All Kaspersky Lab detects this Trojan.

The older generations uses the Internet for many details of their lives – making them more vulnerable to cyber criminals if they continue to come online and without taking precautions. Senios use the internet to communicate with loved ones – 94% of people over 55 years old send e – mails regularly. Also use inline to solve everyday problems. This group tends to a greater extent to make financial transactions on the Internet: 90% of them shopping and banking online.

X FILES Area 51 where copying alien technology

Area 51, known as the Dreamland, is the most mysterious US military unit. It was built in the early ’50s, with the start of the Cold War, and had as its mission the development of an advanced spy plane. Americans were longing to possess an aircraft, which beat radar system with which to spy on Russian territory.


The whole operation was passed into silence through a decree signed by US President Eisenhower. Area of ​​about 100 square kilometers was decreed as non-existent and so we tried keeping the curious away as mysterious place.

Based on secret military technology developed important that Americans not only were used in the Cold War but whenever it was necessary. Thus, many aircraft prototypes were created and the public became increasingly curious about strange events that happen in the great silence.

Numerous conspiracy theories were born on Area 51 and various information eerie beginning to make an appearance. Nobody knew what does American scientists, but there were a lot of doubts. Roswell incident known as the culmination of these conspiracy theories. An alien ship had been captured for then to be transported in the basement of the base. It is also supposed that there were survivors who were housed in Area 51 for an indefinite period of time. These were mere rumors, which the US authorities have strongly denied.
In the early 90s, a bizarre character and has appeared in the American media. It’s about Bob Lazar, who had a chance to work for a period of almost a year in Area 51. Because it had become too curious, the man was kicked out of the system and repeatedly threatened with death. Lazar made a series of shocking disclosures to the public, the desire for revenge, but also to show the truth about what is happening in the underground Dreamland.

In his first mission, Lazarus had been sent to inspect an alien spaceship. He described it as small, inside it was worked from one piece because the items did not appear to be connected to each other. The seats were designed that for some children, which means that those aliens were small or very small. UFO traveling on a reactor based on antimatter. He was willing even on the floor of the ship and was the size of a basketball.

The use antimatter as fuel allowed the ship to maneuver or to trick report of space-time, which made it invisible. It was about an item called 115, which could be synthesized on Earth. Subsequently, several laboratories in the US have announced the discovery of two new elements 113 and 115. Does there was no connection between the story of Lazarus and the discoveries made?

Everything About Smartphone

In the era of smartphones, not even my parents no longer use landline to communicate. However, Google believes that there is a future for these devices, but they must transform to become once again relevant.

Google Fiber Phone is the first fixed connected to the cloud. While mobile phones have pushed us to the future, fixed telephony services are still important for many families. Fixed telephone lines are familiar, reliable and offers high quality, but the technology has not kept pace. That’s why today we Fiber Phone as an option to stay connected wherever you are, “said John Shriver-Blake from Google, in a blog post the company.


Shriver also promises that the new phone allows users to stay connected on the road, at work, wherever.

Google Fiber Phone lives in the cloud, meaning that you can use your smartphone, tablet or laptop. When you’re home, call a landline, and when you left, calls are rediracţionate the smartphone, writes Shriver-Blake.

Besides, Google Fiber Phone is able to transcribe voicemail messages and send them as text messages to users.

Unfortunately, we will not see this phone in Romania since it depends on Google Fiber internet service, available only in the States. However, it is nice that an invention that seemed outdated gets another chance thanks to the Internet.

Next is the application that is revolutionary Phone Number Tracker. This application works by sim technology that locates devices. Owners of iPhone, or other smart phones, which were filled operating systems they use, can now try Windows 7 on their terminals. Moreover, you do not even have to download and install it to see how it behaves on your phone.

That’s because Microsoft has made available to users of the iPhone and other smartphones that can be inserted into the browser of the phone, and through which we can see how it would look operating system Windows 7 on an iPhone or other smart phones.

The demonstration allows him that accesses Windows Phone 7 interface experience, from colorful home screen, and ending with testing some of the functions provided by the operating system. You can even place a call, access a calendar or look at photos already uploaded. It is touch sensitive and therefore reproduce the experience of Windows Phone directly to an iPhone or any other smart terminal.

Microsoft would launch its own smart watch coming weeks. Even though Microsoft officials have not confirmed anything yet, rumors that they would launch a smart watch in the period immediately following intensified.

Microsoft made earlier this year several patents related to smart watches, and according to the latest rumors hour that would launch it will have a 1.5 inch display.

Smartwatch’s activities will focus on fitness guy whose recording the number of steps, calories burned and heart rate of the user. Catch sensors will be placed in the rear of the casing. Microsoft has tested the ability to record heart rate watch both day and night.


Technology today is a way the world evolves. In recent years we have been presented cutting edge technology that will appear on cars due to appear in the future: the laser lights, the interior without buttons, where all commands are given through touch screens or gestures; the replacement of regular airborne watches with digital screens, functions autonomously in driving traffic congestion. However, to remain grounded: 2020 although you will feel that you can not breathe if you do not put these options on the car in 2016 you only need a few essentials.


When you buy a car, do not neglect the three critical factors, more important than her outward appearance or “catch as the board ‘passenger safety, comfort and resale value. Especially if you buy new, which will result in the loss of 30% of the money paid the minute you came to her gate dealer.

Many cars are created with technology by loading electrical outlet. Trip computer turns now in tablet that can connect to the Internet. For example when I sit at traffic lights on Snapchat can I connect and converse with friends. With this Snapchat social networking site has become more interesting when she appeared Snapchat Hack secondary application. Snap Hack moves very well and contains many shortcuts have to be careful when driving or converse fast friends.

You have to be patient until an application to get used to it. I Snapchat Hack downloaded for free from their official website and can say it is very small and download quickly. It will take longer until it is installed in your device because you need to make up a new account platform will initialize.

To be sure it works on your device I will present some phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7 design retains its predecessor and further relies on a SuperAMOLED screen diagonal 5.1 “and a resolution QHD, but he enjoys Always On feature, which allows time display permanently. The phone is water and dust resistant, comes with a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 processor with 4 GB RAM and supports 4G speeds of up to 450 Mbps.

If you want a top smartphone, but have diagonal 4 “iPhone is definitely the only choice that you can do. With a design borrowed from the iPhone 5S new iPhone hardware platform borrow his older brother, the iPhone 6S, and uses a proprietary Apple A9 chipset at a frequency slightly lower. Unfortunately, if the base model, the internal memory is only 16 GB.

LG G5 stands out in particular through modular design that allows you to add various accessories, including a battery grip extra room. These accessories must be ordered separately, however. The phone has a screen of 5.3 “QHD resolution and reach 159 grams, while the Snapdragon 820 chipset with 4G RAM and make law here.

It has 16 MP camera and supports video formats including 4K and the standard battery is only 2,800 mAh, a low given its size, but should last a day without being forced to look for an outlet.

Sony is going through a period of change which characterizes including a new range of top X Performance. The smartphone has an IPS screen diagonal of 5 “and full HD resolution, while the hardware platform is provided by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory. These are the phones are compatible with the application Snap Hack.

Iodised Salt

Iodized salt is so widespread that often do not even notice it. Moreover, many people do not know exists. Iodine deficiency remains even today the main cause of global mental retardation can be prevented. Now, a new study shows that the introduction of iodized salt in the US in 1924 had an effect so profound that resulted in a much higher national IQ.

Research conducted by James Feyrer, Dimitra Politi and David N. Weil shows that populations in poor areas in iodine have seen an increase in IQ of 15 points after the introduction of iodized salt.


Given that a quarter of the US population lived in areas poor in iodine, nationally increased IQ was 3.5 points. Since IQ population increases every decade with 3 points, a phenomenon known as “effect Flynn” iodization of salt could be responsible for increasing IQ US that had occurred over a decade, .

If the mother presents an iodine deficiency while pregnant, the baby’s cognitive development is blocked, and the effects are irreversible. Today, the World Health Organization estimates that about 50 million people suffer from mental retardation caused by iodine deficiency.

Before the introduction of iodized salt, iodine deficiency vary by geography, by land and water in each region where people lived. If this “micronutrient” was missing from the diet, such as crop diseases were widespread.

Despite the positive effects associated with the introduction of iodized salt, there were also some negative effects. People suffering from long-term iodine deficiency may come to suffer from hyperthyroidism when iodine is introduced into the diet, so that in the beginning there were more deaths. Nevertheless, the cumulative effect has been extremely positive.

Salt, unfortunately, has been transformed from a spice used daily in our diet in a drug through a legal measure which came into force in 2002. Iodized salt should be the exception and not the rule. We can not go in implementing this measure mandatory salt additive, on the premise that all 20 million consumers have problems with iodine uptake. The overwhelming majority of consumers do not realize the dangers they expose consuming iodized salt daily. Administration of iodized salt in the diet should only be dispensed on the basis of the endocrinologist. Given that violates a fundamental right of consumers – the right to choose – ask eliminating legal restriction of non-iodized salt trading small and large commercial structures.

About Drone

About Drone

About Drone. About Drone Civilian drones is increasingly a real and growing threat to civil aviation security, warned on Monday the International Air Transport Association, calling for regulation of these activities to avoid potential accidents with serious consequences, inform AFP.Pericolul represented by drone amplified as the population begins to uncover important potential applications of this technology in non-military areas, said Director general of IATA, Tony Tyler, during a conference taking place in Singapore.


I’m as excited about it as your idea to me by a drone pizza delivery but we can not allow drones to be an obstacle for civil aviation security, “he addressed participants was responsible aviation.

We need a prudent regulatory approach and a pragmatic method of enforcement for those who defy regulations and put them others at risk, ‘said Director General of IATA.

Increasing use of drones military, commercial and recreational could lead to collisions between these devices and unmanned airliners, with catastrophic consequences, experts say.

It is a real problem. We receive information from pilots about drone found in unexpected places, especially at low altitude around airports. It is undeniable that this raises real security and growing civil aircraft, said Tyler. About Drone

IATA does not have statistics on the number of drones operating in the world, but there is no doubt that these devices proliferate, pointed Rob Eagles, expert in drone Association. About Drone

IATA main concern of the drones flying at low altitude near airports, these devices may endanger airplanes off or landing, also indicated the expert.
Following the model of Formula 1 on March 11 will be held in Dubai first World Drone Prix, the first world championship dedicated to drones. Prizes include $ 1 million!

Drone Prix World competition, a first in the sports world will gather to start 100 teams from around the world, made up of pilots and technicians, such as those in Formula 1, according GadgetReport.ro

The teams will compete on a course similar to racing cars. Drones will have to fly through the milestones of the route and the fastest will be the winner and will receive the grand prize of $ 250,000.
Qualifiers will be held 7-8 March, and the best 32 teams will participate in the finals which will take place on March 11.

Dubai’s race to be the decisive test to organize a world championship of drones, with stages in all major cities of the world, modeled on competition prizes Formula 1.Detalii find HERE.

According to experts, the market for drones would reach 4 billion dollars to 2020.Lockheed Martin, one of the largest companies operating in the aerospace, defense, security and advanced global claimed within this training sessions a presentation INDAGO applied, directly applicable in emergency management. With an extensive resistance and intuitive to use INDAGO is a quadcopter category unmanned systems (UAS) whose capabilities exceed the capabilities of a normal drone, featuring images from the air in minutes. About Drone

The initiative to organize this program of courses is part of the strategy Teamnet to support market development UAVs, providing essential information on advanced technologies UAV business and the potential to revolutionize industries most varied as agriculture, environment, energy , surveying, urban development, transport or public safety.                 

“The development potential is huge and I think enterprise unmanned aircraft will be one of the largest investments in the region in the coming years. From increasing productivity and reducing costs, improving living standards, airborne systems radically transforming the way we see the world and we receive truly relevant information. Therefore, more than 100,000 companies worldwide are already using unmanned aircraft in their work, according to international studies, global market of technology autonomous airborne exceeding 6.6 billion euros last year, “said Bogdan Padiu, CEO Teamnet Group.

Gps Phone Tracker

Osama Osama bin Laden was upset a following device had been placed in an exceedingly filling of his fourth better half. She was really his fifth better half, as he had unmarried one in all his alternative wives so as to marry her Gps Phone Tracker. Osama bin Laden believed four wives ought to be the limit and stuck thereto belief and then unmarried one in all his alternative wives. Some journalists reportable that Osama bin Laden might are changing into additional and additional paranoid in his thinking once he wrote that letter to his better half regarding having her filling replaced if it had been done once an exact timeframe. really Osama Osama bin Laden might are correct in his fears. There was a U.S. application for a GPS following device that may be place in an exceedingly tooth and coated with dental material that was filed in 2008. Lappish Maassarani filed for this patent for a “Tooth set gps person following and site methodology and apparatus” on March twenty eight, 2008. This U.S. Patent was printed on Gregorian calendar month twenty four, 2009. Osama Osama bin Laden wrote the letter to his better half suggesting having her  Gps Phone Tracker filling replaced around Jan of 2011, as a result of he states within the letter, “We area unit awaiting the tenth day of remembrance of the blessed attacks on ny and Washington which is able to be in 9 months. ”

Osama Osama bin Laden should are following any variety of following devices that came on the market in concern of being caught. following devices for teeth had been fictitious and were in use at the time he wrote the letter to his fourth/fifth better half.

The people in the area call the building on the hill just “the bunker”. At first glance it seems to be only a nondescript, boxy office block on the outskirts of Houston. Among them, however, actually is a fallout shelter, which would make any villain in James Bond movies jealous: 3700 square meters is the underground high-security wing, furnished with an decontaminating, generators, oil tanks, water fountains, air purification filters, prison cells and an operating theater. 350 people could survive in case of emergency for three months here.

Cell phone tracker

On the third floor Kevin stamps standing in a darkened, large office space – the control center of crisis management company GEOS. The 37-year-old beefy Texan leads the operations center. The space looks relatively inconspicuous from its four desks with two screens. Yet it depends on stamps and his staff at the screens, whether men should be saved anywhere on the globe in distress or die.

Gps Phone Tracker. Gps Phone Tracker The patent for the tooth GPS following device (US20090237236 A1) is delineated as: “An equipment and methodology for remotely and watching the placement of someone through a micro chip mounted in an exceedingly tooth of someone that communicates by a communication link to a worldwide Positioning System to get geographic location data about the physical location of someone, and by another communication link to a distant following device to get the geographic data to see and supply a sign of the physical location of someone. The micro chip is disposed in an exceedingly cavity shaped in an exceedingly tooth of someone that is stuffed with dental filling material to repair the micro chip within the tooth.”

If you own a cellular phone the govt will simply track your whereabouts unless you do not carry your phone all the time. notwithstanding you’ve got electric battery and take it out several phones have a smaller copy battery within. several cars have GPS devices put in in them and might be utilized by the govt, the police and probably others to trace wherever you’re. A following device in {an exceedingly|in a very} tooth would in all probability solely be placed if someone doesn’t continually carry a cellular phone and an entity needs to understand wherever that person is in any respect time. Violent prisoners, possible to flee or commit additional crimes upon unharness can be smart candidates for this technology. Older patients WHO wander or have memory issues might be simply set if atiny low permanent following device was placed in dental work. folks may desire a GPS device placed in their child’s tooth if the parent loses them lots publicly places however as long as the kid should acquire the dental workplace to induce decay treated. Pets have already got microchips put in in order that once a pet gets lost a veterinarian’s workplace or animal pound will scan the animal and make contact with the owner. If they’ll do that with pets it is not too remote within the future that youngsters might have permanent following devices placed by dentists if they need to travel sure a filling anyway. Gps Phone Tracker


A man named Woody Herman Winston created a video that shows a detector for a following device he feels was placed by a tooth doctor in his tooth. Winston isn’t a really articulate man and his on-line writing isn’t straightforward to scan however he’s positive the govt placed a following device in his tooth, if a reader or beholder will decipher what he’s making an attempt to mention. Winston has announce a video on Youtube that shows a detector that pops once it gets near his tooth. Winston conjointly wrote lots regarding this tooth following device on Liveleak.com and calls himself a “whistle blower” there. He conjointly says he was within the military and worked as a law officer. because of the actual fact that Winston is tough to grasp in his writing and therefore the means he speaks, folks might not believe Winston once he says he’s being caterpillar-tracked and followed. The technology to position a following device in someone’s tooth has been around since a {minimum of} 2008 and it’s really attainable that a tooth doctor placed a mini GPS huntsman in his tooth and he’s very being followed. Gps Phone Tracker

GPS following devices became thus tiny that they’ll be inserted into a tooth cavity and coated with dental material. the govt might want to use them with those that explode the radiolocation which might they believe of being a threat to the general public, the govt or on those possessing government intelligence secrets. A general tooth doctor in all probability will not be inserting GPS following devices in anyone’s teeth, while not their data, unless some heavy-handed coaxing from the govt or a alarming cluster just like the Mafia is threatening the tooth doctor to try to to that sort of labor. Gps Phone Tracker9733_gps-phone-tracking

VINEYARDS and World’ s Wines: History

VINEYARDS and World’ s Wines: History

Wine history is inseparable from the history of humanity, it is not just a commodity, but an element of civilization and a criterion of quality of life. According to prof. Dr. Liviu Dejeu in volume ” Wine and Health ‘, grape-vine story starts several millennia ago or about 8,000 years BC, in Asia Minor, specifically in Transcaucasia ie in territories belonging today to Georgia and Armenia, hence the value of biblical symbol given to Noah, the first winegrower in his vineyard on Mount Ararat, ” he began Noah to be of the soil and planted the vines’ ‘(Genesis, ch. 9, 20).


With around 8000 years BC, have been observed wild vine (Vitis vinifera subsp sylvestris, the common ancestor of today’s varieties) as liana forests of the Black Sea region in Armenia and in the area between the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea, Europe, Central Asia and in the whole Mediterranean basin. They were discovered traces of grape seeds and other wildlife in European countries such as Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Romania, Switzerland and Germany as well as in India, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel.


A first map of the spread of grape-vine was achieved through the migrations of ancient peoples, Asian and Mediterranean, from the nearby Caucasus, first to Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi, Iran, Afghanistan , Kashmir, India and China.


A second route of migration grape-vine was from Transcaucasia and Mesopotamia, Turkey, Cyprus, Crete, Greece, southern Italy, Corsica, Marseille and, from there, to Northern Europe (Switzerland, Germany) and by Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal).


The third route was from the Caucasus to the northern part of the Black Sea, Crimea, Romania, Hungary, Germany and Switzerland.

Many ancient peoples have contributed over time to the training culture grape-vines, among them are the Sumerians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Jews, Phoenicians, Greeks, Etruscans and Romans etc, according to prof. dr. Constantin late and prof. dr. Liviu Dejeu in volume ” growing ”. The Phoenicians, ancient inhabitants of Syria, had an important role in spreading the culture of grape-vines in the world. They cultivated vines and olive vines and deals with trade in wine and olive oil. Travelling a lot Sea, Phoenicians introduced vine-vine culture in Greece (3000 BC) and in North Africa, in countries such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The Greeks, on the other hand, perfected cuts have adapted cultivation systems practiced in the countries of the Middle East, making a major contribution to expanding culture grape-vine in many European countries: southern Italy, southern France, Spain, Northern Europe etc.


Grape-vine culture experienced a major growth period with the freedom that has acquired Christian religion under the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great (306-316), bread and wine gaining particular religious meanings, which used to carry the Blessed Sacrament Eucharist. The bread is transformed into the Body of Jesus and the wine turned into Blood of Christ, with which Christians share today. The apostles and their successors, namely the bishops and priests use it in the Divine Liturgy, following thus the Lord’s word: “This do in remembrance of me” (Lk 22: 19). Hence the role played by the Christian peoples in spreading the culture of grape-vines. VINEYARDS


III-XIII centuries, viticulture known, however, a period of decline due to migration of peoples, but with the flowering of the seventh century monastic establishments begin to develop again, especially in areas held by them. VINEYARDS


Renaissance gave impetus to European culture and economy, and agriculture began to be organized on a scientific basis. They established the first school of agriculture in Spain (1513) and Germany (1600), where they were taught and knowledge of viticulture, this important knowledge of technical progress. At the same time, viticulture has developed in this period especially in countries in central and western Europe, but with the new geographical discoveries, the varieties of grape-vines were spread on the South American continent and elsewhere.


In the second part of the nineteenth century, European culture of the vine-vine faced invasion of phylloxera, an insect parasite that destroys the root and leaves of grape-vines. Phylloxera comes from North America, and after he was brought to Europe caused considerable damage to plantations of grape-vines, as European varieties did not have immunity to this pest. That marked practically a gradual evolution of viticulture in Europe: prefiloxeric stage, phylloxera and postfiloxerică. Step prefiloxeric is the longest vine vines are grown on their own roots then (awaiting) and vineyards are constituted of local varieties (aboriginal). Step phylloxera lasted until around 1900 and faced decimated European vineyards. To restore their proposed bringing vines fruitful US, resistant to phylloxera (hybrid direct producers), but dropped them because they proved inferior European breeds and applied grafting vines European cattle US resistant to phylloxera (vine rootstock) .


Postfiloxerica transition period was grafted groves, vine-culture alive rebuilt themselves quickly enough. They founded the science of viticulture, and in 1924, he founded the International Vine and Wine Office, based in Paris, to coordinate technical, economic and legal area, to which Romania joined in 1927. In 2004, found the International Organisation of Vine and Wine.

The twentieth century brought the highest level of development viticulture, grape-vine culture reaching the equator in Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. It went from mixed plantations that meet the needs of consumption, plantations specialized production lines respectively for table grapes, grape wine, red wine, white wine etc.

Premiere in space exploration: probe Rosetta comet passed Ciuriumov-Gherasimenko just 6 km away

Premiere in space exploration: probe Rosetta comet passed Ciuriumov-Gherasimenko just 6 km away.

European probe Rosetta has been very close, only six kilometers altitude, in addition Ciuriumov-Gherasimenko comet, a first that will enable researchers to learn more about these celestial bodies as the most primitive solar system.

According lexpress.fr, the probe closest to the comet Saturday at noon.

The objective of this approach is continuing highly accurate mapping of the comet, to the smallest detail, namely mineral specks covering the ground. Also, experts want to know more about gas jets emitted by the comet.

Near performed Saturday was scheduled specialists, time is a very important element, because the comet is coming increasingly more sun and therefore expels much more jets of gas and dust, which would have made increasingly increasingly difficult to fly at an altitude so low.

There will be overflights during the mission, but not at such close range and not in the geometrical configuration of the Sun newspaper Le Monde explained to Pascal Martin, in charge of the mission from the European Space Agency.

Only months specialists will recover and analyze images taken by the Rosetta probe.

Cometa Ciuriumov-Gherasimenko, traveling a complete orbit in about 6 years and 7 months, will close on August 13 at 186 million kilometers from the Sun, the shortest distance from the star (perihelion, no), and will stay somewhere between Earth and Mars orbit.

In late January, the specialists in charge of this mission have announced that 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet studied by spacecraft Rosetta has lost its outer layer of fine dust due to its increasingly large sun and temperature increase its.    0

Onboard the Rosetta probe, orbiting comet in August last year, is a mass spectrometer, an instrument called Cosima (Secondary Ion Mass Analyser cometary), conducting chemical analyzes of dust particles coming from the spatial object.

Grain of dust that you have collected between August and October are fluffy and porous. The biggest yarn fall when reaching the collector metal instrument, he told AFP, Christelle Briois, researcher Space Agency French (CNRS), University of Orleans in France. Ciuriumov-Gherasimenko was then at a distance of 535 million kilometers to 450 million kilometers from the sun.

The comet started to regain active at that time, jets of gas and dust can be seen, after four years spent frozen, far away from the sun.Dust grains proved to be very high in sodium, according to Briois, co-author of the study published in the British journal Nature. In addition, they contain no ice.

We believe that the collected particles are likely parents interplanetary dust particles found in the Solar System.These small particles of interplanetary dust collected for the first time in 1970, giving rise sometimes the phenomenon of shooting star when entering the earth’s atmosphere. Their origin is uncertain, but for years researchers believe could be sourced comets and asteroids. “But this is the first time you establish precisely that come from a comet,” said Schulz.

The nucleus of a comet is composed of mineral and organic matter and ice. Every pass near the Sun, lose a layer core, somewhat like an onion.In fact, under the effect of solar radiation more intensively, a part of the ice from the core passes through a process of sublimation, i.e. passes from the solid state directly to the gas, without having to turn into liquid. The dust and gas is taken from the ridge forming a comet. Then form an ion tail and a dust characteristic of comets.

Grains Cosima analyzed come from a comet passing by the right front of the sun. After being raised near the Sun, these particles fell back on the surface of the comet, forming a kind of blanket.During the comet traverse more remote and frozen for several years, gas jets dropped considerably in intensity and were not strong enough to drive dust particles, resulting in the formation of a coat as a blanket.


BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series. One of the main innovations is the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic structure chassis with aluminum and steel, which led to a surprisingly easy car – about 1.8 tons up to 130 kg less than If the previous generation. BMW is not the first time such material used in production cars, construction technique, called Carbon Core 7 Series, is borrowed from BMW’s model range.


In terms of design – both the exterior and the interior – we can not talk about a revolution. I had the opportunity to see live the new 7 Series in an event held behind closed doors in Bucharest, and the impression I left it was not imposing enough.

The headlights use LED technology for all phases still standard equipment, while the list of options awaits guests with the laser beam lights that illuminate the road over a distance of up to 600 meters. Also on the list is also optional M Sport package, which comes with an aerodynamic kit and sports 19-inch wheels. BMW 7 Series

Specific BMW’s interior, the center console facing slightly towards the driver and dials the board, which may be optionally on a screen diagonal of 12.3 inches. In standard equipment, instrumentation board comes with four classic dials and a 8.8 inch display.

Among the major novelties include touch screen infotainment system of the latest generation iDrive and control functions using hand gestures. The latter can be used to control audio system volume to change the radio station and to accept or reject the call.

At the same time, the system Head-Up Display which projects information onto the windscreen directly, now operating in an area 75% larger than before, which means it can be designed much more detail than before. Also, many of the buttons for the climate system are now part of the small touch screen integrated in the control console back centrală.Cei benefit from a seven-inch tablet built-in armrest that can be removed and used in hands . With this, passengers can control multiple settings for seats and ambient lighting inside, running content on the screens of ten inches mounted on the front seat backrests, the settings for the climate system four areas of action, opening or closing curtains sun and much, much more. There is even a package called Comfort Heat, which features heated seats, heated steering wheel and heated armrests – both in front and in back, and the Traffic Jam Assist system can take control of the machine in case of a traffic jam on the highway.

Another cutting-edge technology put to work in the new 7 Series is built in key futuristic color touchscreen, which driver can park your car without driving. It is, if you want real equivalent of the gadget used by James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies as a 7 Series E38 control. BMW 7 Series

As always, the new BMW 7 Series promises the best driving experience in its segment, but focuses more on the comfort of the occupants, entering territory previously dominated by Mercedes-Benz Class S. In this respect, the new sedan Bavarian adopts a train running on both axles with air suspension and damping control system provides a scan function tread detecting bumps and imperfections and acting proactively to counteract their effect.

Harmonious proportions, surfaces that imparts a distinctive silhouette substance regardless of the angle from which you look, plus a continuing confirmation of the dynamics synonymous with BMW – it presents new 7 Series interior elongated headlights to stick to the grid Double imposing dimensions, amplifying the sense of width. The latter has adjustable blades depending on the situation, which can be opened to increase the effectiveness of the cooling system or, conversely, directs airflow over the body, improving aerodynamics.

And the lights are revolutionary, featuring as standard technology full-LED and optional laser diode adaptive dimming, covering an area of ​​up to 600 m – twice higher than the headlight LED under It has reduced energy consumption by 30 percent. Rear headlights and fog lights have also LED technology in basic equipment.

Key dynamics has always been reduced weight and how many equipment weighing more and more comfort for limousines, BMW adopted revolutionary technology for weight reduction. Thanks to body core and carbon fiber combined with structural elements of high strength steel and aluminum panels, the new BMW 7 Series weighs 130 kg less than its predecessor, while featuring a level higher trim.

For the first time in 40 years the model BMW 7 Series features air suspension with constant ground clearance on both decks, along with the dynamic damper control, standard equipment.

Apax Partners

Funds advised by Apax Partners have signed an agreement to invest in idealistic S.A. (idealista/news publishing company) through the purchase of shares having Tiger Global Management, KutxaBank and Bonsai Venture Capital in the company. Jesús Encinar, Fernando Encinar and César Oteiza, co-founders of idealistic, as major shareholders of reference along with Apax Funds and will continue to exercise the management of the company as they have since the company was founded in the year 2000.


Apax Partners is a private international venture capital fund that operates for more than 30 years at the global level and which invests particularly in four sectors: technology and telecommunications, services, health and consumption. Funds advised by Apax Partners (“Apax funds”) are one of the most active investors in online classifieds and lead generation companies in the world.

Since 2007, the Apax funds have invested more than 1.5 billion euros of equity in companies of online classifieds and lead generation in the real estate segment, automotive and financial products in Europe, America and Asia. Among others, the Apax funds have been the institutional shareholder of reference in Soufun (leader in classified real estate in China), Autotrader (leader in automotive in United Kingdom Classifieds), Trader Corporation (leader in classified automotive in Canada), Dealer.com (leader in lead generation for the automotive market in the USA) and Bankrate (leader in lead generation for financial products for individuals in the USA market).

Tom Hall, partner at Apax Partners, said in relation to this operation that “Jesus, Fernando and Caesar created and lead a group of world-class online classifieds and has earned to be one of the most recognized and respected Internet in Spain. idealist has helped millions of people to buy, rent or sell their houses with a flawless user through a fast and intuitive web experience and helps thousands of real estate professionals to be more effective on a daily basis. We look forward to sharing with them our experience and knowledge acquired in other businesses online classifieds digital leaders. It makes us very excited support the idealist team in this new stage of growth.”

For Jesús Encinar, founder and CEO of idealistic, “Apax Partners liked the human quality of his team, his knowledge of the markets where idealist is present, its analysis and its experience and its commitment in the long term with the management teams of the companies in which they invest”.

The operation signed today in Madrid pending approval by the National Commission of the market and of the competition (CNMC), which could authorize the purchase in the next few weeks.

idealistic and Apax Partners have decided not to make public the economic details of this operation, which will take place with a payment in cash to the outgoing shareholders following approval by the CNMC.

idealist has had for this operation with the support of Jefferies as financial advisor, Baker & McKenzie as legal and juridical Advisor and JBMF as a tax advisor. The Apax funds have counted for this operation with the support of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett and Uría Menéndez as PricewaterhouseCoopers as financial advisors and tax and legal advisors.

3D Printer remained 3

3D Printer remained 3
In Germany, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute using 3D printers to produce artificial blood vessels. These are created in two steps: first, artificial tubes are printed using 3D printers and treated tubes created by a high power laser beam to give them true vein elasticity. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute says that these artificial blood vessels could be used in patients who underwent CABG surgery.
optimistic Forecast

One of the most optimistic supporters of 3D printers is the inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil. He argues that the rate of adoption of emerging technologies has increased continuously in recent years and that the same will happen in this case.
Recently, Kurzweil presented his vision for the event ‘Learning Without Frontiers’, held in London. If today’s 3D printers are used in relatively few areas, over 10 years “we can deliver a 3D printer in a poor country whose people will be able to use to print to a different printer parts,” said Kurzweil. “They want to use this printer to print the other two, then eight and so on. They could use these printers to print all the elements necessary for modern life, the components of a house pipes needed to transport clean water or even solar panels, “Kurzweil predicts.

Students who attend university established by Kurzweil, Singularity University, is already working on the design of buildings that can be constructed using 3D printers.
Their vision is shared by optimistic chief futurist for Cisco, Dave Evans. “We are moving toward a world that will abandon the model” one size fits all “in favor of” one size fits one ‘. It can create any custom, all objects are customized, “says Evans. “As today consider absolutely normal to download music from the Internet, as we look ahead downloading physical objects,” says Evans, adding that it is possible that future dwellings include one personal 3D printer.
Equally optimistic is Bre Prettis, head of the company MakerBot: “My goal is to reach the moon MakerBot printers and contribute to building a base there that we can accommodate.” Prettis believes that 3D printers will be able to turn even the most pessimistic scenario in optimistic: “I hope that if there will be an apocalyptic event, people to be prepared, with MakerBot printers home they will use to produce the things they can not buy from the store. This is why I say that MakerBot does not sell a product, but changing, the right, the future. ”
What will the future bring?
The impact that 3D printers will have on society is hard to predict, but few significant effects begin to take shape. Thus, at this time most of the products are produced in countries with the lowest cost of production, then to be transported across oceans: thanks to 3D printers, products can be created where there are customers, and the ability to customize designs according your taste in some cases eliminate the need to mass produce.
Also, 3D printers promise to have an unexpected impact on society. If today people use the products purchased to build brand identity with in the future it will be possible that personal identity is the result of our own creations, made with 3D printers.
In 2D printing revolution, it took about 40 years for Gutenberg’s invention to spread across Europe, radically changing society. As no one predicted how the pattern would reduce the influence of the Catholic Church on the continent and to foster the emergence of modern science, even now it is not possible to anticipate all changes that will be caused by this new revolution of printing. One thing is certain: as the technology is perfected, the replicator from Star Trek will leave the realm of fiction to become a tool for everyday life.

WinCC software SCADA / HMI

WinCC software SCADA / HMI
In the field of IT solutions for process control technology, software Siemens SIMATIC WinCC to constitute a major reference. The destination view native concrete and expressive (and thus tracking / dispatching) process plant (SCADA) is beneficial enhanced facilities and process control automation scalability implementation.
Since the HMI SCADA

In many situations, current technology – from petrochemical to food and pharmaceutical industries, from waste water treatment lines (semi) automated assembly / installation, HVAC installations on laboratory research – the man needs a comprehensive view on plant operation in / for which they work. Also acting on the flow control components / processes Factory is easily understood and applied safer when using a visualization of the components involved.
Applications SIMATIC had the opportunity and inspiration to be drawn from usage cryptic appearance earlier SCADA applications: they have taken advantage of (contemporary with) the advance of computer technology both in terms of programming approach (exploiting object-oriented design and component despite tradition SCADA interface between computers and industrial processes with elements of programming in assembly language) and on the graphical user interface (brave exploiting video processing power of computing systems in evolution). But not only that solution WinCC appeared and progressed into a proper context, but she also had a strong contextual support as part of the Siemens family of industrial hardware and software solutions. Moreover, family applicability SIMATIC WinCC – because it is actually a suite of applications / software modules – on many more industries than I mentioned at the beginning.
Synthetic remember that excels WinCC visualization processes on the plant and / or production, both autonomous SCADA implementations and as components HMI (Human Machine Interface) in complex systems dispatching / control (possibly in symbiosis with SIMATIC PCS ).
Configuration and facilities
That approach,, geared-to-object “WinCC makes the implementation of the solution is simple and practical: the existence visual component library (profiled sections Factory and industry) and kind assistance,, wizard” makes creating projects, which does not require special computer human experience. Sugestivitatea connectivity components and their practical design gives speed and safety applications HMI / SCADA, allowing, if necessary, the inclusion of several additional processes / related, respectively, processing larger amounts of data from the premises. Also, subsequent changes can be made coherent WinCC application (either through local implementation / punctual, be structured hierarchically by propagation in large projects).
A remarkable feature in the GUI: usual gestures to operate smartphone / tablet is creeping in technical universities, because, as of version v7.2, SIMATIC WinCC allows interaction “multi-touch” screens Application: zoom two fingers, navigation / browsing and zooming.

3d Printer

3d Printer

3d Printer.The printer 3DTouch pre-assembled 3D printer 3DPrinter is a low-cost (with small price to purchase and use), representing perfect choice for educational applications – design, engineering, medicine, architecture, engineering; office type applications or hobby. The printer has a simple design and light, ergonomic (can be placed on a desk usual) with an extremely easy to use interface and requires no PC connection.

  Give “life” BFB 3D 3D models with printers 3DTouch

  3D printer models available:

The printer BFB 3DTouch 3DPrinter is available in 3 models of equipment at an affordable price:

Single Head 3D Printer with one print head

3D Printer Double Head 2 printheads

3D Printer Triple Head 3 print heads

 3D Printing Technology

3DTouch BFB 3D printer The technology is based on ALM (additive layer manufacturing) and heated thermoplastic filament used for printing using a extruder (print head) and then applied by extrusion layer by layer, according to the X and Y coordinates to give a 3D solid model.

Building 3D printer formlabs-form1-3d-printer-

The durable, extremely robust provides excellent mechanical rigidity

Ultra-compact extruder ensure accurate and uniform application of the material.

The printer has a display so friendly and familiar interface for simple use.

Easy to use and maintain, without maintenance contracts

Improved extruder head height adjustment to print tray – allows easy handling

Preheating tank from a single piece of material allows easy changing

Plane and printing area are easy to clean.

Proprietary 3D Application

3D The printer is shipped with proprietary application that converts files AXON 2 Stl, slice them in longitudinal sections (G-Code), ready to print. Such information stored on the stick, the printer is taken directly from the USB stick without having to connect to the PC. The printer 3D allows the use of different materials and colors so as to obtain a product property and desired consistency.

 BFB 3D 3DTouch with printers manufacturer 3DPrinter become their 3D models !!

 Wide range of 3D printing materials – 55EUR starting price without VAT

BFB 3D printer The 3DTouch 3DPrinter thermoplastics used for making 3D prints. Materials are supplied in solid form roller 1 Kg 3mm filament diameter.

Materials available for 3D printing are: ABS (white / color), PLA (translucent / color), PP, uPVC, LDPE, HDPE

Even complex geometric constructions can be printed with printers 3D BFB-3000 Plus (modelelele 2 or 3 heads extruders) using substrate (PLA)

  3D printer installation and configuration

BFB 3D printer The 3DTouch 3DPrinter require about an hour to install and configure. Installation operations are similar to a regular printer, requiring only a few additional calibration and balancing as well as the installation of Axon 3D 2 on the USB stick.

Computer Games

Black-Friday-01   Computer Games

Simpler is better?

Gaming consoles brought in the idea of simplification, mainly for technical reasons. At least initially, none had the advantage of a hard drive or mouse and keyboard buttons allowing the use of many different tasks. The console had a tiny internal memory or card and a gamepad with fewer buttons, so that the games were adapted.

No one denies that there are series of games consoles extremely good, famous, who have never come mostly PC. And those that were ported managed to ruin the reputation of porting action itself is usually pale children with technical problems as China. I still remember how surprised I was when I played Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, I think one of the first really worked and adapted for the PC.

Reaching the current generation of consoles, Wii inevitably stumble, boxes miracle that changed the perception of games. Millions of people of all ages hopping ridiculous beat with the Wiimote in hand, shaking it like schizophrenics in crisis. And the next generation of motion controlled games with Kinect and Move in the lead, followed by ax 3D glasses, merely amplify simplify gameplay for accessibility.

However, Computer Games were not long entertainment niche for nerds suprapoderale buboşi or scream. But I got the technical need for simplification for the sake of simplification, only to somehow not chase any potential buyer who suffer from dyslexia. PlayStation 3 supports keyboard and mouse, but in multiplayer those who use them on separate servers must play if the game supports these happy peripherals. All consoles are now hard drives impressive video capabilities high, and yet we crooked wireless technology with Wii Fit.

Not a fan of unnecessary complications, cumbersome interfaces or the need to have a third hand to make key combinations. But an RPG like Fable failed to rise too high in my eyes because port on the Xbox severely limited in terms of the variety of options. Even in an RPG using a character of one sex, without being able to change, is also a trove consolistică because it did not allow the beginnings of graphically as personalization. And this idea tends to spread; I was perfectly happy to have him on Geralt in The Witcher, but here there is a logical necessity derived from literary inspiration to action-RPG Polish.
On the other hand, Knights of the Old Republic has demonstrated that it can greatly and console games can be complex if there is interest in creating a functional interfaces on a gamepad. Also on the console comes puzzles simplification, we got the mini-games like Mass Effect or Alpha Protocol that somewhere or do I feel that team or console programmers are less intellectually gifted than those on PC .



Robots to power

Robots to power

Two economists, Jeffrey D. Sachs Laurence J. Kotlikoff and have recently published a study which highlights the effects of this transformation could be devastating for future generations. The two experts say that luddiţilor fears become reality, and a large part of the population will face serious problems as robots become more efficient.

Robots to power
Experts say that today’s technology has an effect different from the one we have in the past. If technological progress has led to the abandonment of wagons for cars, coachman was replaced by taxi. But in the future, cars will drive themselves, so the taxi service will disappear. This is already the case for mines in Australia, where BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto companies use trucks that drive themselves, eliminating the significant cost of salaries which ran through the Australian desert.
The two economists say that most jobs today by people with low levels of education will be taken by robots, and this group of people will be affected. US data reflected a massive increase in inequality between people with higher education and those without: if the difference in salary in 1999 was 40% between the two categories, today it is 80%.

Researchers explain how robots threatens future generations: as machines take jobs that do not require a high level of education, most people who have a job will be most seniors who have dedicated time education. The statistics reflect this: if 60 years ago earnings of men aged between 45 and 54 years were 4% higher than that of those aged between 25 and 34 years, today the difference is 41%. This allows the elderly to have robots and therefore benefiting from the fruits of productivity growth after automation.
With less money available, younger generations can not afford to invest in education and robots such as the elderly, the main effect is the redistribution of resources from young to old.
The two researchers have created a business model that has led to the same conclusion as the productivity of robots increases, younger generations are finding it increasingly difficult to invest in their own education and technology. So even if the robots lead to economic growth, an important segment of the population is worse off than before. The two economists recommend charging the older generation, which benefited from the growth in productivity following the money thus obtained is used to improve the education of the younger generation, allowing them to benefit from technological progress itself.



Roboray: new Samsung walking robot “natural”
Last week, Samsung introduced the company’s latest humanoid robot Korean Roboray. The new prototype is equipped with a new technology that allows the car to move in a more natural way than its predecessors.
On the surface, Roboray resembled a little with the previous model created by the team of researchers led by Kyungsik Roh, Mahru 3 developed in 2007. However, Mahru series never had the ability to run as rivals from Honda or Toyota.
Roboray is about to join the list of robots able to run, but until then, the car with a height of 150 cm and 62 kg is a real humanoid robot with 32 joints (fingers are not included). Currently, scientists from Samsung is working on the development of verbal and facial recognition software to be integrated into the new Roboray.
Roboray’s legs are powered by a combination of special actuators used for moving the hips, knees and ankles. Unlike other robots, moving just bend your knees continually went Roboray has a relaxed and natural, thanks to special joints.

The difference can be seen in the footage below. In the first video, Roboray taking down a slope and straight legs, while the second video presents three Mahru who needs to keep their knees bent in order to move.
For now, Roboray is only a research project, but it underlines the determination of the Samsung to overtake rivals.

A million dollars for “MacGyver robot” able to handle any situation.
The US Navy is concerned with designing a robot able to handle many extreme situations, improvising solutions as a clever man. Robots today are still far from such performance, so the US Navy decided to invest nearly $ 1 million to support the design and construction of such a “robot MacGyver”.
MacGyver is the name of a character in a television series (so called), which ran in the US between 1985 and 1992 (in our 90s).
Secret Agent MacGyver was a very resourceful guy who, thanks to his training as a scientist, he managed to get out safely in all kinds of difficult situations, improvising ingenious solutions using what was at hand – objects and materials of the most common .
For robots, however, is not as easy to improvise to deal with any situation, without a default scenario. However, a robot who knew or should learn to climb on a chair to reach an object at height, to improvise a scale of stacked crates to get over an obstacle or to build a temporary bridge of planks would be helpful people, both in peacetime and during armed conflicts. For this reason, the US Navy is very interested in such projects.
And success could pave the way for the construction of “domestic robots”, able to act as a domestic helper.
Specialists in robotics at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, is currently working on a project (for which they received funding 900,000 dollars from the US Bureau of Naval Research) to develop a software that would make robots some are able to recognize objects in a room and “imagine” how they could use to perform certain tasks. Scientists do this in designing algorithms that make certain tasks are impossible for a robot devoid of any tools, but possible for one endowed with “tools” that buy them yourself – the objects in the room.
Tests are made using a humanoid robot called Golem Krang (pictured), equipped with two oversized robotic arms mounted on a wheeled base.
Office of Naval Research funded previously and build a robot “fireman” called Saffir intended to throw grenade fire extinguishers on board. But the development of a “robot MacGyver” capable of a variety of actions would be more efficient than building the type of Saffir specialized robots that can do only one thing.

The Best PlayStation 3 Games Ever

The Best PlayStation 3 Games Ever

It’s true that the PlayStation 4 has been out for about a year at this point. Even so, the PlayStation 3 is still a significant machine, and there are plenty of great PlayStation games that are available for the system.


Simply put, if you feel like you don’t need the latest PlayStation just yet, the PS3 has much in the way of absorbing, brilliantly-made PlayStation games to try out.


A Look At The PS3

The PlayStation 3 continues to sell extremely well. People continue to purchase games for the system. Sony has gone so far as to indicate that they will continue to support the system into 2015. Exclusive content continues to be made available to PlayStation Plus subscribes on the PS3 version of the PlayStation Network.

In other words, Sony is going to continue to support the system. And even if they weren’t, the system still features tons of PlayStation games that are worth your time.

Ps3 Emulator

Great PS3 Games

PlayStation 3 titles are still quite easy to come by. No matter which game you’re looking for, you shouldn’t have any trouble in finding what you want.


Although the PS3 was initially criticized for being expensive, and for not having the greatest assortment of launch titles, Sony quickly turned the tide. The system has gone on to release some exceptional titles over the past few years, creating all the momentum Sony needed for the PlayStation 4 launch last year. Before it’s all said and done, the PS3 may actually manage to release a few more classics.

In addition to physical titles that are available, keep in mind that there are games available on the PlayStation Plus of the PS3’s PlayStation Network. These games can change frequently, so if you get a PlayStation Plus subscription, don’t be afraid to check back frequently. You’ll also want to note that not all of the games listed in this article include online multiplayer. The ability for PlayStation games on the PS3 to offer this is one of the system’s crowning achievements, but it is not the case with all the PS3 titles.


In terms of exceptional PS3 games that have come out during the system’s run, some of the games that you’re going to need to look over include:


  • Grand Theft Auto V: This game brought Grand Theft Auto into the next generation of console gaming. The differences between GTV V and GTV III is almost an entire universe.
  • The Last of Us: Incredible storytelling combined with breathtaking sights and sounds.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: One of the most popular first-person shooter franchises on the planet, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is regarded by many as the best entry in the series.
  • Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception: Another incredible example of storytelling with incredible graphics and gameplay.
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag: A game considered to be the next evolution in stealth.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition: Unbelievable depth to this title.


These are just six of the PS3 games that have dominated critically and commercially during the PlayStation 3’s run at the top.


Sony is only now recognizes as “external intrusion” that made the fall PSN also had an effect on user data, data such as name, address, country, email, birthday and password and account name PSN.

Here we offer a constantly growing list of code errors PS3 and solutions drawn from multiple forums and topics on the net. These lists are generally made up of PS3 users who have found errors in certain situations and do everything possible to provide the solution to other users.

PSN code generator can fix these legal aid by mistake through a platform that has so runs faster.

Methods of geoengineering

Methods of geoengineering

Geoinginereşti ideas are numerous and range from practical ideas applicable today fanciful proposals apparently learned from the pages of a science fiction novel. All, however, seem to fall into one of two directions addressed: reducing carbon dioxide from the air, thus reducing the greenhouse effect, or decrease the amount of solar energy absorbed by the planet, which would have a cooling effect on it.

The first version directly address the source of the problem – carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere in excess, while the second treats the symptoms, not the cause. Scientists believe that the solutions to decrease the temperature of the planet by reducing the amount of solar energy absorbed by Earth should be used only as a rapid response to a rise in temperature, because they do not solve another problem caused by carbon dioxide, ocean acidification , which results in the destruction of marine ecosystems.

Reducing the level of carbon dioxide can be achieved in several ways, and the simplest appears to be planted forests. That solution is, however, inefficient and expensive, requiring large stretches of land to produce a significant effect.


Another proposal takes into account using the average ocean carbon storage. Now, the ocean absorbs 25% of the carbon dioxide emissions that originate from human actions. Some researchers propose the introduction of iron in the ocean, which would lead to the development of phytoplankton.

The methods involve extracting fancy less carbon dioxide in the air by chemical methods (using sodium hydroxide to obtain sodium carbonate) or physical (via the use of filters which removes carbon dioxide from the air), and then it is stored in the ground. This option has the advantage of targeting global warming, but it is expensive. David Keith, an expert on geoengineering at the University of Calgary, founded the company Carbon Engineering. Company engineers have designed giant towers that are designed to purify the air by removing carbon dioxide with sodium hydroxide. Among those convinced by Keith’s proposal include Bill Gates, who has invested $ 5 million in the company.

Researchers in the field of energy and environment Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the UK have also developed a “forest” of artificial trees that absorb carbon dioxide from the air and stores it in the ground. Tim Fox, Head of Environment of the organization, explained: “The technology required to produce these” trees “are able to absorb carbon dioxide already exists – that’s right, in its infancy.’s Why it is essential that government and companies private prioritize funding for these technologies, so that they can be used in a timely manner and on a scale large enough that their effect is visible. ”

Blocking the sun’s rays, emergency solution

The latter, seen as a solution to be applied only if the climate crisis is “solar radiation management” given name of proposed methods to get reduce the amount of sunlight absorbed by the planet noastră.co

The average temperature recorded on Earth is the product of the balance between solar radiation absorbed by the Earth and infrared radiation lost to space. The intervening on an element forming this equation, the planet cool the humans may be contributing to the increase in the amount of solar radiation into space, or by reducing the amount of solar radiation absorbed by the planet.

The proposed techniques are partially blocking the sun and changing albedo, ie the reflection coefficient of the ground, buildings and even clouds.

To increase the amount of light energy radiated back into space, researchers have presented several proposals: use the predominant color white roofs human settlements, agricultural use of plant species whose leaves reflect more light into space and even cover some areas high deserts of the planet with large fragments of material that has a high albedo.

Each of these methods has its drawbacks: human settlements constitute only 2% of the planet, so that even a radical step and painting all roofs white buildings on Earth would not be enough to reduce global temperatures. However, this method could produce local results, helping to reduce high temperatures conurbations.

Regarding agriculture, the use of plants with a high reflectance would significantly influence global temperature, but this solution would entail reduced productivity, work hard to accept when global population reaches 7 billion and growing.

Turning deserts into “mirror” giant would reduce the Earth’s temperature, but may produce unwanted side effects by altering atmospheric circulation, which could cause undesirable climate events such as monsoons.

There are unique methods proposed by some scientists: the launch into orbit of a giant solar shield. It would reflect back into space only 2% of sunlight, so that people would not notice a significant decrease in brightness, but this reduction would be sufficient to compensate for the temperature increase caused by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Learning How to Obtain Clash of Clans Resources

Learning How to Obtain Clash of Clans Resources


When it comes to playing Clash of Clans, resources are the most important thing you’re going to need if you want to succeed. There are many ways to obtain resources that will help you to upgrade your buildings faster so that you can have better troops to invade enemy territory with. There are many different methods that can be used to gain more money over time, and they are all dependent on the skills you’ve gained within the game.

Clash of clans updates

Although such methods can sometimes be regarded as farming, since they serve no other purpose than gaining resources, it can be an effective means of helping you gain what you need in order to defeat a stronger enemy that you weren’t quite prepared for. However, by dedicating time to finding the resources that you’ll need, you’ll find that the challenge is a lot more manageable than it was before.


One of the best ways of obtaining resources is raiding. This is the invasion of enemy territory in order to conquer them and take what they have. This goes for both gold and elixir that you’ll need for your own territory. Gold is what is used to defend your perimeter, while elixir is used to upgrade your buildings so that your troops can be more powerful. Raiding can provide you with an endless supply of these resources, as long as you’re willing to dedicate the time and effort into conquering as many enemy territories in each game to help you upgrade faster.


The best way to save as many resources as possible is to send out as few troops as possible in order to capture the gold and elixir in enemy territory. It’s better to steal the smaller amounts that are less protected, as that means your troops don’t have to spend the effort fighting enemies on their way in and out. By spending less on your troops, you’ll reap more reward with the resources you’ve stolen as you’ll have more of both to work with.

clash of clans cheats

This method works in games against the computer as well as PvP, but the latter makes it a little more challenging, as the human element can alter where the enemy troops are, and can prevent you from stealing what you need in order to improve your own territory. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, however. It simply means that you have to be a little quicker with your trigger finger and getting to the resources before they notice.

Gaining resources is what will keep you in the game and provide you with the means to continue upgrading your territory and buildings. Taking the time to focus on gaining these resources will definitely help you play a more successful game, and make it easier for you to defeat those more difficult enemies.


Clash of clans wiki



Geoengineering solution to saving the Earth?

In recent years, the events associated with climate change are beginning to make their presence felt all over the world. Since temperature records in recent years in many parts of the world (the summer of 2010 was the warmest in the history of the northern hemisphere) and extreme weather events (such as floods in Pakistan and drought unprecedented in China), the effects seem undeniable.


The heated debate in recent years on global warming were largely sterile. Although representatives of the largest countries have recognized that climate change is a real man that will affect the entire planet, global discussions on this issue have not produced solutions. The main way to solve global warming and man is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that lead to atmospheric warming. This involves giving up the use of fossil fuels in favor of renewable and non-polluting, or at least decrease their utilization. While we have taken steps in this direction, most countries do not seem willing to reduce the level of emissions at a rate that would slow global warming effect.

More and more scientists around the world offer an alternative (or at least complementary) to solve the problems caused by climate change: geoengineering. What is geoengineering? Nothing more, nothing less than a direct change, large-scale planetary environment in order to address climate change caused by humans.

Initially, the idea seemed more like a science fiction motion scientists and those who addressed this topic were seen favorably by the vast majority of researchers. In recent years, however, due to the reduced rate that was adopted measures to reduce emissions, these variants have become increasingly plausible.

Prestigious organizations such as The Royal Society, the oldest scientific society in the world now calls for geoengineering, requiring decision makers to consider this option as a backup plan for global warming. In 2006, Paul Crutzen, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for research on the ozone hole, published in the journal Climatic Change an article announcing that the world would be forced to resort to geoengineering if global warming gets control.

Many environmental activists protesting vehemently against geoengineering, considering the existence of the backup plan distract from the real issue, reducing carbon emissions, and allow parties to delay the necessary decisions in this area. Another reason they oppose geoengineering is a risk that it have unforeseen consequences that make matters worse.

What has emerged, however, the idea of ​​geoengineering, and how feasible is this solution?

history geoengineering

The idea of ​​handling scale climate of a planet was first popularized by science fiction writings type. They introduced the concept of terraforming, by which planets like Mars were transformed to become habitable by humans.

However, writers of science fiction novels were not the first who thought of global climatic changes. Swede Svante Arrhenius, who lived between 1859 and 1927 was the first scientist to recognize the link between carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect, achieving in 1896 that coal use widely as a source of energy will lead to global warming . Arrhenius to take into account the assumption of a larger amount of combustion of the coal, to create a greenhouse to Swedish winter less unpleasant.

The Soviets were the first to have thought to implement geoengineering, scientists from the USSR in 1960 proposing several methods by which the frozen tundra to be heated to be converted into fertile land that can be used in agriculture.

Today, climate scientists dedicated to the study asserts that a global temperature rise of more than 2 degrees Celsius could have devastating consequences is imperative that this event be avoided. Latest estimates show that a reduction specialists with 50% of carbon dioxide emissions in 2050 would be insufficient to keep global warming below the 2 degrees. Although most countries took part in the 2009 Copenhagen summit dedicated to climate change agreement reached at this meeting senior obliges countries to slash emissions.

How to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide takes place at a rate fast enough to avoid an undesirable outcome, scientists have developed several variants that geoengineering might help to achieve this important goal.

Professor John Shepherd, driver of a comprehensive study conducted by the Royal Society of geoengineering, said: “None of geoinginereşti technology is not a magic solution, all associated risks.’s Essential to reduce carbon emissions, but we must take into account the possibility not unrealistic that we fail to do so.’s why, if you need a “Plan B” now need to perform the necessary research to see what the impact would be geoengineering and how it could be applied where we need “.

Nobel Prize – the last tribute of a generous genius

Nobel Prize – the last tribute of a generous genius

The event that led to the creation of today’s Nobel Prize was a tragic and staff alike, the inventor. After his brother Ludvig died in 1888 during a visit to France, a French tabloid journal published by mistake an obituary suggesting that one who died was Alfred Nobel, which condemns publication inventions made .

Nobel Prize

Strongly influenced by the title says: “Merchant of Death is dead – Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by discovering unprecedented means to kill other people, died yesterday” Alfred Nobel increasingly began to think about how and it will remind future generations.

On 27 November 1895, the Swedish-Norwegian Club in Paris, the great inventor would publicly announce the creation of the award that will be named forever.

Also when he read the will, which stipulated that all his property be converted into a cash fund which annually rewarded to great achievements in science and the efforts made ​​by a person to install peace on the planet – regardless religion, nationality, race or sex of those who had accomplished these achievements.

After he has paid all taxes, Nobel and give full wealth fund managers in which the winners would be rewarded later. It was the amount of 31,225,000 SEK, approximately 250 million USD in 2008.

Subsequently, the prize will be divided in areas such as literature, physics, chemistry and medicine.

Peace Prize is still awarded to the person or company that, within a year, take the most effort to develop brotherhood among men, fighting to reduce the arms race or act as effective mediators in armed conflicts.

Today, the Nobel Prize is more known than the man who founded and gave him the name – a great inventor and scientist of the Industrial Age, whose scientific victories allowed the creation of prizes that stimulate further knowledge and adventure of the human spirit.

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize carries a record number of nominations: Among 237 candidates proposed include and … the Internet.

Nobel Peace Prize

The proposal came from the Italian edition of Wired magazine, the nomination was motivated by the fact that the Internet help “dialogue, debate and consensus”.

The proponents ‘bid’ Iranian lawyer Shirin Internet include Ebadi, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 for his contribution to the defense of democracy and human rights, and Nicholas Negroponte, the project promoter “laptop $ 100.”

Nobel Peace Prize was instituted by Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel, the end of the nineteenth century, to reward individuals and organizations that promote peace and understanding between nations. It is not clear what precisely would award the prize, if the Internet would win.

According to the provisions of Nobel winner of the award is chosen by a committee composed of five members, appointed by the Norwegian Parliament.

Last year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is the current president of the United States, Barack Obama.

2009 is a year of records regarding female winners of Nobel prizes: Five women were among the winners of prestigious awards. My other winners are:

Herta Müller, the Romanian-born German writer, Nobel laureate for literature, because his writings describing life in Romania during the communist dictatorship;

Elizabeth Blackburn and Carol Greider (both USA), who share the Nobel Prize for Medicine with Jack Szostak for their work on telomerase, an enzyme involved in slowing aging and preventing cancer;

Ada Yonath (Israel), winner – along with two American scientists – Nobel Prize for Chemistry, their research clarifying certain aspects of translation – how ribosomes (organelles involved in protein synthesis) “translate” the genetic code of DNA protein sequences.


NOBEL REVIEW: GREAT SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY Mastering the universe and the laws of, and human knowledge and how the human body works are major challenges arising from the new theory, the rule paradigm hitherto infallible and allocate significant funding research laboratories.

The twentieth century is one of great scientific discoveries, be it physics, chemistry and medical sciences. It is the era in which atomic physics is the fundamental science appear revolutionary ideas on relativity discover new galaxies and new drugs, builds the microprocessor, and genetics grows.


Nobel theories: relativity, atomic explosion and the transistor.

In 1895, Rontgen discovered X-rays, around which will articulate scientific concerns of the first quarter of the twentieth century. Many theories have emerged over the world throughout history, but none of them was as seductive as the beginning of the twentieth century, German physicist Albert Einstein.


In 1917 he formulated the theory of general relativity, Nobel awarded four years later. In 1913, Niels Henrik David Bohr speaks about the first atom quantum receiving the Nobel Prize in 1922 second half of the twentieth century is dedicated to nuclear physics. Nuclear fission is discovered by O. Hahn (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1944), and F. Strassmann in 1938, but will increase only in the Second World War, with the Manhattan Project (1945) and nuclear explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After the first nuclear explosion, physicists began to seek ways of domestication of this source of energie.William Bradford Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Houser Brattain meet in Bel Telephone Laboratories. Help quantum physics models, the three manage to create in 1947 a new device, which they call persist (as a reminder of the persistent efforts have been made) for receiving the Nobel Prize in 1956 was discovered transistor. Following these findings, further studies on superconductors Bardeen and take a second Nobel discovery of the transistor in 1972 revolutionized the modern world, replacing triodele used before.


Age and its diseases: Nobel for treatment.

The first winner of the Nobel in medical sciences was the one who was able to understand how a body can create its own antidote for severe and incurable disease at the time: diphtheria and tetanus. Emil Adolf von Behring’s research laid the foundation of immunology bacterial diseases, continuing the work of Pasteur, Koch and Ehrilich. In 1890, Behring and S. Kitasato published their discovery that injection of sterilized cultures gradual doses of diphtheria and tetanus bacilli cause animals to produce, in their blood, substances that neutralize toxins that they produce bacilli (antitoxins) .A year later, the Nobel Prize is awarded for effort to fight another disease of the beginning of the century, malaria. Major concern of Ronald Ross, physician and poet, was the prevention of malaria in different parts of the world: Western Africa, the Suez Canal, Greece, Cyprus and those affected by War mondial.In 1904 Nobel reach a real opener road in medical psychology, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Russian. Having flirted with theology, Pavlov leads, 1890, the Department of Psychology of the Institute of Experimental Medicine. Canadians Frederick Banting and John James Richard Grant Macleod are recognized by the Nobel committee in 1923 credited with display isolated insulin, diabetes discovering zaharat.Jumatatea twentieth century is marked by a breakthrough medicine: antibiotics. Nobel Committee could not ignore that Selman Waksman researcher (Nobel Prize, 1952), the inventor of many antibiotics, actinomycin (1940), neomycin (1946), streptomycin (1943), neomycin (1948), the last two being used in treating many infections.


Concerns of medical scientists were gradually oriented to the new branch, immunology and genetics, trying to find cure diseases caused by deficiencies in the immune system (cancer, HIV). In 1972, Gerald M. Edelman and Rodney R. Porter received the Nobel Prize in medicine, the merit of being theorized structure of antibodies, and in 1974, a group of three doctors, among which and one Romanian origin, awarded the Nobel: Albert Claude Christian de Duve (Belgium) and George E. Palade (Romanian by birth, a researcher in the USA), after years of research on cell organization.


These laboratory studies have led to Joseph E. Murray and E. Donnall Thomas (Nobel 1990) to discover innovative treatment: cell transplantation.


In 2006, the Nobel Prize for medicine and psychology was awarded Americans Andrew Z. Fire and Craig C. Mello for discovering “a fundamental mechanism for controlling the flow of genetic information.” The two researchers have found a mechanism called “RNA interference” that can block certain genes, which can help find new terapii.Premiile awarded the 1901 Nobel for physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace. Today, the Swedish Academy will announce the winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine


DISCOVERIES OF 2007 IN MEDICINE The non-invasive methods of breast biopsy, new weapons to fight lethal infections, are the most promising news in the medical field, in 2007 Dr. Violeta Deaconess – Medical Medicover review the discoveries and innovations leading to already have or will have soon a remarkable impact on patient health.


A discovery which destroys “superbacteriile”

Researchers at Chapel Hil, University of North Carolina (USA) have discovered a new weapon to fight a threat from increasingly large: s-drug-resistant bacteria. The gun was already out of reach physicians. It’s about class bisphosphonates drugs known for their beneficial effects in the treatment of osteoporosis.

It seems that drugs in this class – originally intended for restoration and strengthening bone structure in people who suffer from osteoporosis – have the ability to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Although this indication is not yet officially approved in the USA some doctors already use bisphosphonates for resistant infections classical treatments. With us this indication is not yet approved, but the future is a possible way forward in special cases, serious, potentially dangerous for the patient’s life.

They play neck mobility by surgery

People with a serious condition is called cervical degenerative disc disease, ie an impairment of cartilage between the vertebrae in the neck, he can move his neck normally if they are implanting a new artificial disc flexible.

Currently, for these people, the surgeon comes by removing cartilage (disc) and lock the two vertebrae affected. The neck movements are drastically reduced. The new disc implant approved in the United States last year, allowed movements are more varied, the pain that is smaller and, importantly, returning to work, the work is reduced to two weeks.

Bacteria need

Probiotics – the so-called “good bacteria” that exist in our bodies – are already known for their beneficial effects in the prevention and even treatment of diseases of the digestive system such as diarrhea or constipation and so-called “fermentation colitis” or female genitalia as bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing sexually active and is characterized by the normal vaginal bacterial flora.

Silent killer speaks

Ovarian cancer, also known as the “silent killer” that kills 15,000 women, may not be quite so “quiet” after all. Recent research shows that the early stages, the disease can be very subtle symptoms felt by about a year before diagnosis typical. Currently, the American Cancer Society (American Cancer Society – ACS) says that when the cancer is detected as it is confined to the ovary and has not yet affected other organs, the patient has a 90% chance of being cured. But chances decrease by 20% if it is discovered in advanced stages, as often happens.

Alarm symptoms are common to many illnesses unfortunately no relation with ovarian cancer. But if these symptoms occur almost daily and last for several weeks, ACS recommends gynecological.

Here are several symptoms that a woman should not ignore: abdominal or pelvic pain, bloating, feeling of fullness or difficulty in eating too fast, frequent urination or feeling of urgency to urinate.

Cold survival …

“If you are not revived in the first five minutes after a heart attack, you’re as good as dead” Americans say. But researchers now know that survival time can be increased three times if the body is “cooled” by a few degrees shortly after the heart stops. In some hospitals in the USA doctors already use body wrap patient in blankets “coolers” ice. This practice lowers brain damage and reviving people “temporary death”, the heart was stopped up to 15 minutes – say researchers at the Center for the Study of the University of Pennsylvania resuscitation.

In 2007 a ​​study done on animals, cooling caused an increase in the rate of survival after heart stopping from 10 to 60%. Researchers are now trying to devise an injectable “refrigerant” to decrease body temperature in seconds and that emergency medical personnel can inject him on the spot, thus increasing the chances of survival of the brain in terms heartbeat stop.

Patients free of the fear of breast biopsy

A new method for ultrasound investigation type – called elastography – can determine with great precision, almost 100% if breast tumors are cancerous or benign, ie, benign, without the need for removal and analysis of a portion of tissue – method known as puncture-biopsy.

Researchers say that elastography – an ultrasound breast tumors by analyzing the difference in their elasticity before ultrasound – can greatly reduce breast biopsies (80% turn out to be benign and so the stress patients face such a procedure can be spared ). Moreover, the waiting time until the outcome of biopsy tissue removed for the fear of a possible cancer is large, it is practically canceled.

Detect diabetes before you get sick

Three blood tests, all warning signs of inflammation, but is also related to insulin resistance may predict whether women will at some point diabetes. This can happen several years before regular screening tests indicate a problem. Studies show that new tests proposed by researchers at UCLA warns of a possible future diabetes in people who have normal blood sugar levels yet. Of course people alerted by these tests they can take timely preventive measures such as lifestyle changes, nutrition and regular follow-up blood glucose.

A breakthrough that makes mammograms more accurate and more comfortable

Also in the USA, at Duke University, has developed a method of three-dimensional computed tomography (CT) with low levels of radiation, which is twice as accurate and much less painful than traditional tomographic scanning. The patient is lying on a bed face down, with a special slot for the breasts, and the scan is circular below. Those who developed this method say that only a few years but will also use this type of device marketed widely.

Stroke victims will go again

Stroke, and other suffering that affects the nerves or muscles, often determining a specific limping, manifested by the inability to bend the ankle foot. For this reason people affected can not step without impeding. A new system, called by those who have developed NESS L300, uses a sensor placed in the shoe, which warns a small wireless device, under the knee, if the back of the foot is on the ground or not. With this information, the device transmits electrical impulses to the nerve that causes lifting paw foot off the ground. In this way patients can walk more naturally.


MEDICINE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY AND TODAY. The feature is effective combating infectious disease through mass vaccination, the introduction of antibiotics, the sanitary measures and improving living conditions.

Specific drug treatment chemicals infectious diseases began in Germany with the work of Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915). In 1932 Gerhard Domagk (1895-1964) discovered in 1928 in England sulfonamides and Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) found the fungus Penicillium bacteriostatic action of the biochemist Howard Florey (1898-1968) Penicillin extracted in pure form page thus was antibiotics.


Important progress has been made ​​in the field of genetics, revealing the mode of transmission of characters, chromosome structure and role of genes and chemical structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), physical carrier of genetic information.

After already knew serum antibodies as an important factor in the body’s defense mechanisms, in the second half of the twentieth century to highlight the role of different lymphocytes in cellular immunity and antibody production.

In the early twentieth century, Clemens von Pirquet introduced the term allergy medicine. Scientific study of allergic diseases, Pirquet started, will continue during the twentieth century, with the increasing prevalence of allergic diseases in the population, leading to the development of a new field of medicine called today Allergology and Clinical Immunology.

As mentioned methods of investigation are introducing computerized tomography, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance tomography and ultrasound examinations.

In surgery, organ transplants (in 1967 the South African surgeon Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant) give hope for survival of many otherwise incurable patients.

After Charles Sherrington (1857 – 1952) Fundamental studies on the functioning of the nervous system, Canadian Wilder Penfield (1891 – 1976) investigates cortex function by direct stimulation of the surface of the brain during surgery. The development is due mainly American neurosurgeons Harvey Cushing (1869 – 1939) and Walter Dandy (1886-1946).

Cardiology diagnostic advances made ​​by applying methods such as angiography, cardiac catheterization and the therapeutic plan by implanting pacemakers, bypass operation in coronary obstruction, surgery in valvular disease, beta-blocker drugs, but also by the knowledge and the adoption of measures to combat risk factors (smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, high cholesterol). Cancer remains a problem more difficult, but anticancer drugs have been shown to be effective in some forms, as leukemia and the like.

British Medical Journal, one of the best known medicine worldwide earlier this year conducted a survey on the greatest medical discoveries around the world, year after launching the journal, in 1840.

From an initial list of more than 100 nominations made ​​by readers of the journal, mostly doctors and researchers, a group of experts nominated 15 major discoveries in the medical world. People around the world can vote one one of these findings, on 5-14 January 2007.

These discoveries have saved millions of lives and have claimed immeasurable suffering.

Each of the 15 findings is supported by one expert of the medical world to expose the merits of that discovery, the one who discovered the modern pill to author a book on the history of penicillin.

Below cunt 15 nominations and a few words about each.

Anesthesia. A Boston dentist first used ether in 1846 and end the suffering the patient or. Since then, anesthesia became common in all operations.

Antibiotics. Alexander Fleming, a bacteriologist English, accidentally discovered penicillin in 1928 in his lab. In 1945 Fleming received the Nobel Prize for this discovery.

Chlorpromazine. Discovered in 1952, it was the first antipsychotic drug substance. It was used to treat mental illness as hallucinations, hostility or delusions. The development of this drug has brought a new understanding of mental illness.

Computers. From medical records to the insurance and computers have been used in medicine since the early 1960s Physicians can access information about new drugs, about new studies may keep track of patients.

The structure of DNA. Scientists James Watson and Francis Crick presented helix DNA, the molecule that keeps the genetic information, in 1953, and in 1962 won the Nobel Prize for this discovery.

Evidence-based medicine. As the name suggests, evidence-based medicine involves using existing data to make decisions regarding new medical cases. The term and concept were introduced in the 90s.

Germ Theory. In the late 1800s, Louis Pasteur was the first to suggest that diseases are caused by microorganisms.

Immunology. History of immunology began in 1798 when Edward Jenner discovered that people can gain immunity against smallpox. There followed many other discoveries that have helped to understand allergies and antibodies.

Medical images. X-rays were discovered accidentally all, in 1895 Since then, the field has expanded, leading to computed tomography, positron emission, magnetic resonance, ultrasound.

Pill. Since it arrived in the United States pharmacy, pill was seen as a miracle. Properly administered, it is effective in 99% expected.

Oral rehydration therapy. As the name implies, this therapy does oral administration of fluids to compensate for water loss from the body. It was first reported in 1964, now occupies a basis in treating patients with cholera, acute diarrhea and other diseases in this category.

Risks of smoking. The first report about the link between smoking and lung cancer was published in the British Medical Journal even in 1950 Since then, it is estimated that tobacco kills 440,000 Americans each year.

Sanitation. The importance of clean water for drinking has been supported since 1800 when he made ​​the connection between various diseases and impure water. Yet today, millions of people lack access to safe drinking water.

Culture sample. Keeping a tissue culture laboratory and its growth was discovered in 1907, but it took until the 1950s to become an important tool for clinical investigatoa.

Vaccines. Vaccines help prevent a wide variety of diseases, from polio to measles. The first vaccine was discovered by Edward Jenner the smallpox in 1796